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MLS Laser Therapy Testimonials

''We purchased a laser from Celtic SMR and have been extremely delighted both with the service and with the machine itself. It has been easy to use and very effective in the wide and varied applications we have used it in (post op pain, arthritis, back pain, tendon and ligament issues etc.).''

Mandy Clarkson BVMS MRCVS

Co-director & Veterinary Surgeon Riverside Veterinary Practice


''We purchased an MLS laser just under 2 years ago. We are now running a successful laser clinic and are constantly finding new cases to use the laser on. We were so impressed with the lasers potential we recently purchased a second laser for our other surgery.''

Kerry Seabrook RVN

Head Nurse, GP Vets Basingstoke


''Since the launch of our new wellness centre, our patients have had access to a range of fantastic complimentary treatment alternatives to conventional medication. One of these alternatives is our Laser from Celtic SMR. We have had amazing results so far and the clients are keen to come back knowing that the wellbeing of their beloved pet is greatly improved. The laser is used in every aspect of our practice, from rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal issues such as osteoarthritis, to routine spay and castration wounds, providing fantastic pain alleviation and accelerated healing time.  

The customer service from Celtic SMR is second to none, any queries are answered in a confident and timely manner.

The laser is now an integral piece of equipment within our practice and will continue to improve the lives of many patients. I would recommend it to anyone.''

Louisa Hibbard RVN

Vets4Pets Guernsey 


''We have been using our laser on arthritic dogs for a few months now. The results have all been excellent, we can see the change in our patients and owners are giving great feedback. The unit is very easy to use and feels nice and robust."

Dr Mark Collins BVSC MRCVS

Partner/Veterinary Surgeon, Vets4Pets Eastleigh



"The addition of laser clinics within our practice has been met with much enthusiasm from our clients. The ease of use, coupled with fantastic hands on training and support from Celtic SMR has meant that the clinics have been easy to set up and run. Both clients and staff are amazed at the results! It has made a great difference to many families who can see a significant difference in the well being of their beloved pet!"

Dr Chris Vogt  BSc BVSc BSAVA PGCert (SAS) MRCVS

Practice Principal and Veterinarian, Polsloe Veterinary Clinic and Cranbrook Veterinary Centre


"We have been using the MLS laser from Celtic SMR in our clinic for a couple of years now. We have mainly used it to aid the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, back pain and ACL injuries. The most visible and dramatic results have come where we have used the laser to treat non-healing or slow healing open wounds. A dog had an ulcer on a pad for over 4 months, resisting all attempts to get it to heal. After three sessions with the MLS laser, the pad was healed.

We have had clients from other practices seek us out in order to receive treatment, and almost all clients who have started their pets on the treatment are very happy to keep booking repeat appointments. Over time this is likely to create an accumulating mass of business."

Carl Gorman BVSc MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon, Falkland Veterinary Surgery



To see the effective analgesic, anti inflammatory and wound healing benefits therapeutic laser can bring to your patients call CelticSMR on 0800 279 9050 and book a 2 week free trial.

Agfa Digital Healthcare Testimonials

DR Testimonials:

"We installed the wireless AGFA DR radiography system at Three Counties Equine Hospital early this year, to replace our trusty old AGFA CR machine.

We X-ray a lot of distal limbs, heads, necks and backs. We have been impressed with the consistent and excellent image quality, and enjoy the time saving afforded by the sequence setup system in the software.

I would thoroughly recommend the AGFA DR system for equine radiography. " 

Mark Georgetti BVSc, Cert ES(Soft Tissue) MRCVS

Three Counties Equine Hospital, Gloucestershire 


''We are delighted with our new AGFA Musica DR machine. Lightweight, easy to use and pleasant on the eye, we have found this machine to not only produce high quality radiographs but also generate a buzz amongst our clients. Celtic SMR provided us with excellent advice and guidance with regards to finding the machine that was correct for our practice, and also provided excellent training and support in the running of the kit.''

Ashley Stewart BVetMed MRCVS

Evoultion Farm Vets, Bridgwater

"Having this portable xray machine in the car when we are already on calls seems to generate more work. People often have xrays done when they weren't initially planning to do so. The pictures are instantly produced for the client to see and, commonly, diagnoses can be made immediately and treatment plans discussed and decided upon during the same day. It has not only generated a buzz amongst our clients, but also amongst our vets!"


Evolution Farm Vets, Bridgwater


"Since purchasing the original Agfa cabled DR system a couple of years ago I have been consistently pleased with the quality of the radiographs and the robustness of the system.

When recently considering a wireless solution I wanted the same high quality image combined with a compact form for optimum portability and ease of use.

I can honestly say the AGFA DX-D 45C wireless DR system has ticked all the boxes - great image (actually seems better), super fast acquisition and reliable wireless technology. Very happy customer." 

Chris Pearce CertEM(IntMed) CertES(SoftTissue) BAEDT MRCVS

The Equine Dental Clinic, Dorset 


CR Testimonials:

''We have always maintained the highest imaging standards in our practice, and continued to hold onto the belief that our conventional films were as good as any digital imaging. When we were considering a swap to digital, we wanted to make sure we made the right choice. We researched the market, spoke to colleagues all over the country, and trialled several digital processors before choosing the AGFA system.

Since installation, we have seen a 50% increase in radiographic throughput and revenue generation for the practice. The imaging quality is excellent, our radiographic throughput time has reduced, and we haven't had to repeat an exposure. In terms of cost, convenience, time saving and improved diagnostics, the switch to CR has been a no brainer." 

Mark.A.D. Overend BVMS GP Cert(Cardio) MRCVS

Small Animal Director, Cain Veterinary Centre, Mid-Wales


"The purchase of our AGFA CR30X digital processor from Celtic SMR nearly two years ago is probably one of the best decisions we made and one of the most useful pieces of equipment in the practice. It takes up far less space than our old dark room and the staff enjoy using it so much they are more inclined to follow up investigative work. We achieve great quality diagnostic images every time.

The time taken to produce multiple images is greatly reduced freeing up time for other work and reducing the time animals are under anaesthetic/sedation. There are no chemicals to deal with so it is better for the environment, better for the staff and in addition there are no hard copy images to take up storage space for years. My only regret is that we did not purchase it sooner." 

Sue Wheeler BVetMed MRCVS

Vet Surgeon & practice principal, Ark-Aid Vets, Dorset



We are very pleased to annouce that the winner of our SonoScape E1 competition is Duncan Ross of Wigmore Veterinary Centre! Duncan was ecstatic to have won and will receive the scanner in January.