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RAD Series Pro

RAD Series Pro

A general purpose X-ray room that can be configured with a ceiling suspension or a floor to ceiling column. The system is design to work with a heavy work load, its sturdiness and reliability meets all the requirements of a busy X-ray department. The Rad Series pro can also be configured with the Trixcell, Pixium 4600 flat panel digital detector.  


An elevator table with a 4 -way floating table top, with a optional Tomography interface. The table can travel from 500mm to 900mm allowing easy patient access. The TPF3S Bucky table is also equipped with an anti crush system for patient and operator safety. Additionally the TPF 3S is also equipped with a table top Safety lock system to prevent inadvertent operation by the patient.

Optional :-  Automatic cassette sensing , Automatic collimation, Electronic Tomography, Lateral cassette holder, compression belt and handgrips.


Thanks to the ergonomic handles and controls of the SP1S, it is possible to cover a large area of the X-ray room. Longitudinal and lateral movements can be released simultaneously to allow easy movement and positioning within the room.

Optional :- Motorization and Synchronization with the Wall Bucky and Elevating Table, SP2S increased room coverage.


When a ceiling suspension is not an option the C2 RS tube stand meets all the necessary requirements. A floor mounted tube stand with electromagnetic brakes. The tube stand gives easy coverage of the TPF 3S table and alignment to the vertical Bucky. The tube stand can also travel to the end of the table to align to the vertical bucky for examinations as low as 400mm. A lateral cassette holder can also be used in conjunction with the table top.

Optional :- 1m extended floor travel.


A floor mounted vertical bucky with an electromagnetic brake release for the vertical travel. From the center of the bucky, the unit can travel from 400mm to 1900mm. The cassette loading can be configured prior to installation to be on the left or right of the bucky.

Optional :- Patient support, external cassette holder , tilting Bucky and stand alone kit.

N30-N50-N-80 HF

The Rad Series Pro can be configured with a number High frequency generator from power levels of 32 to 80 kW. These units come standard with an APR library and AEC interface for the table and vertical Bucky.

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Celtic SMR launches ASA Laser into healthcare market

Celtic SMR is pleased to bring the ASA Laser to the UK healthcare market. ASA have been producing lasers for over thirty years and are the largest global manufacturers of therapeutic laser equipment, with over 2,000 class 4 systems installed in America and Europe over the last 4 years. Laser Therapy is already well established in the UK with an estimated 350+ systems currently in use and growing by the month. Therapeutic lasers clearly aid the treatment of a number injuries pertaining to muscle's, tendons, ligaments and joints and have been demonstrated to: 

  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Encourage quicker healing of soft tissue injuries
  •  Promote quicker tissue repair ideal in open wounds
  • Help heal ligament and tendon injuries, sprains and strains

Celtic SMR is offering free demonstations and trails of the ASA Laser, so you can see the difference for yourself! Please call us on 01646 03150 to find out more.

Diagnostic Ultrasound - to help you confidently diagnose

Celtic SMR provides a range of diagnostic ultrasound scanners, from entry level to referral standard. The range offers high quality imaging, at an affordable price. Full training, and free CPD is offered to help you to feel confident quickly, maximising use and profits for your practice. 

COPA 2018

Celtic SMR will be at COPA show, and offering free Laser Therapy sessions to help soothe your aches and pains.