Celtic SMR Ltd - PIXIUM 4600



Trixcell Pixium 4600: the Industry standard for digital radiography

The Pixium 4600 flat-panel detector offers 

  • Speed: immediate images
  • Cost savings: No film processing
  • Image Quality: Pixium 4600 can be used for all types of examinations, thanks to the large square format, high resolution and wide dynamic range
  • Image management: Easy connection to digital transmission, distribution and archiving systems


Active area - 43 × 43 cm
Matrix - 3001 × 3001 pixels
Pixel size - 143 µm
Spatial resolution - 3.5 LP /mm
Dynamic range - 14 bits
Preview image - less than 6 s


Sensor PIXIUM 4600
Automatic Exposure Control with 3 cells
Personal Computer:
           - Windows OS
           - RAM of 512 Mb
           - Hard Disk 36 Gb (2000 images)
           - LCD monitor, high resolution, 18"
Sensor dimensions (L × W × H): 533 × 488 × 45 mm
Sensor weight: 20 kg

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Celtic SMR launches ASA Laser into healthcare market

Celtic SMR is pleased to bring the ASA Laser to the UK healthcare market. ASA have been producing lasers for over thirty years and are the largest global manufacturers of therapeutic laser equipment, with over 2,000 class 4 systems installed in America and Europe over the last 4 years. Laser Therapy is already well established in the UK with an estimated 350+ systems currently in use and growing by the month. Therapeutic lasers clearly aid the treatment of a number injuries pertaining to muscle's, tendons, ligaments and joints and have been demonstrated to: 

  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Encourage quicker healing of soft tissue injuries
  •  Promote quicker tissue repair ideal in open wounds
  • Help heal ligament and tendon injuries, sprains and strains

Celtic SMR is offering free demonstations and trails of the ASA Laser, so you can see the difference for yourself! Please call us on 01646 03150 to find out more.

Diagnostic Ultrasound - to help you confidently diagnose

Celtic SMR provides a range of diagnostic ultrasound scanners, from entry level to referral standard. The range offers high quality imaging, at an affordable price. Full training, and free CPD is offered to help you to feel confident quickly, maximising use and profits for your practice. 

COPA 2018

Celtic SMR will be at COPA show, and offering free Laser Therapy sessions to help soothe your aches and pains.